Marketing matters in the 'new normal' – Adding value to the bottom line

Personally and professionally few of us will have seen anything like it. The implications of the current situation are far reaching and will continue for years to come.

That said there has never been a more important time for effective marketing.

Communication is key.

A strong brand is essential.

Acting as a trusted advisor to management, crucial.

Being the voice of the client, invaluable.

Post-lockdown research of CEOs and leadership teams showed that, while leaders do recognise the potential of marketing, they are not currently making full use of it.

So it is up to marketers to demonstrate their value. From being strategic to being down-to-earth, from representing clients to being a best friend to the partners. And some organisations are being transformed by this transition.

This year’s virtual conference gave members a day of practical and inspirational presentations to equip you in the ‘new normal’ to start showing how and where you have a significant part to play in the success of your business.

Marketing matters and we all have a role to play in the success of our firms – now more than ever.


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