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If 2020 was the year of change, then 2021 is the year of consolidation.

As lockdowns are lifted and vaccines are distributed, it feels like we are on the road to some kind of normality, although not one we would have recognised a few years ago.

While 2020 was about pivoting, adapting and surviving, thoughts now turn to growth and building on some of the surprising opportunities the past year has provided.

Marketing was thrust into the limelight, leading the way on strategy and engagement. Junior marketers found themselves in more responsible positions and rose to the challenge. Firms invested in technology to enable remote working and to keep clients engaged and informed.

We now need to build on what has been achieved, use new technologies more effectively, anticipate what our clients – both internal and external – need, and find ways to meet those needs profitably.

This year’s virtual conference aims to give members a day of practical and inspirational presentations, equipping you for the next phase of recovery with confidence.

Rebooting marketing will kickstart a new era of influence – our time has come!